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Warren Light Center – The Narrative

This space is to add your thoughts and opinions about the story, or the setting in which it is best to tell other people about Warren Light Center.

The first priority is of course, to collect stories, pictures, and documents with which to tell the story.

To have all that material become more than a list of things, the story will give them purpose.

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Process Discussion Area

As the Archive Group is a self-organizing entity, its ability to document the history of the Warren Light Center and its members is limited by how many people become involved, what talents they have, and what each wishes to do.

In that spirit, and after reading the slide presentation from June 25th, 2017, please leave your thoughts on how we are to proceed here.

The slide show also has comment areas for more general questions and opinions about the topics under each page.

WLC Archive Group – Initial Presentation


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test post – to FB group – as JL editor

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JL Test to Map Category

This is a test post made Monday night at 21:57


Is it also in Facebook ?

The Sentinels, April 2009

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