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Sol Lewis book – Awareness (1996)

Thanks to permission from members of Sol Lewis’s family here is a complete book written by Sol –

Table of Contents:

You Cannot Die 3
Introduction 43
Basic Awareness Course 46
Metamorphsis – The Temple Within 83
Personal Note Pages 85



Warren Light Center II

While the original Warren Light Center is currently a place that used to be, there is a new extension.  Shirley Baum who lives a short distance from the original WLC has been continuing some of the traditions by having gatherings at her property.  This section of the WLC site is about those activities.  Several of the Warren Light Center II leaders, instructors and attendees are from the original WLC group.  There is space for those that are involved in continuing the WLC tradition at the new location WLC-II

Some of the people in this section also have sections on the WLC site

Warren Light Center (WLC) 2008 June Gathering


Click on the above image to view the program (6 Pages)

Photos of Warren Light Center – June 2012 – Series three

This is the third series of photos of Warren Light Center taken Jun 2012 – This series begins at the curve where Don and Charlene’s trailer was – shows the main road looking south and the Guardian trees of the main camp and Arena.

landing field south and west

Landing field south and west

Main Road

Main Road looking south toward the main gate

Sacred Circle

Upper Woods – Sacred Circle


From the Sacred Circle down to APROCEE

side road to Don & Charlenes

Side road to Don and Charlene’s site

Road to main Camp

Road to main camp – Guardian trees

Guardian Arena

Guardian Trees opening to arena area

arena and large tent area

Arena and Large tent area

Arena and Pavilion

Arena and Pavilion from Guardian trees area

Hill down to arena

Hill down to the arena

return to cabin

Back to the Cabin area across and east of the Arena

Ina & John Gallagher House

Foundation and Chimney Ina & John Gallagher House

John & Ina Gallagher Site

John and Ina Gallagher Site front of WLC

Garage John & Ina Gallagher

Garage John & Ina Gallagher Site

Garage beside John & Ina's house

Garage Beside John & Ina’s House

Warren Light Center Gate

Warren Light Center Main Entrance

Warren Light Center

Warren Light Center Main Entrance

Warren Light Center Entry

Warren Light Center Entry

Entry Warren Light Center

Entry Warren Light Center

This is the end of the photos taken Jun 2012 on Warren Light Center – there were often 200 or more people who would come here during the Summer Solstice and 100 or so that attended Spring and Fall Equinox conferences.  Hopefully photos will surface of some of these gatherings.  Even during the Winter Solstice there were often 50 people or so here.

Photos Warren Light Center Jun 2012 – series 2

This is a continuation of the photos taken in June 2012 at the Warren Light Center.  Click on any photo to open it in a light box that allow you to advance to each photo.


Bills house and trailer

Bills house and trailer from the back area of WLC

Ridge trail to Arean

Trail that follows the ridge and goes to the Area

Memory Lane Memorial

Memory Lane Memorial to WLC leaders

Memorial 1

Memorial Dedicated to Leaders & Teachers WLC

Memoral 2

Memorial Dedicated to Leaders & Teachers WLC

small arean Pavilion

Small Arena east of Pavilion

South East side Pavilion

South East side Pavilion

North East Pavilion

North East Side Pavilion

Pavilion Kitchen area

Inside Pavilion Kitchen area to the West

Pavilion South

Pavilion South side main area

Pavilion South East

Pavilion South East corner – wood stove

Pavilion North East main area

Pavilion North East main area

Pavilion North Wall

Pavilion North wall

Pavilion Main area and Kitchen

Pavilion Main Area and Kitchen

pavilion Memoria North

Pavilion Memorial area inside north entrance

Pavilion Main entrance

Pavilion Main Entrance – kitchen & memorial

Pavilion West side

Pavilion West Side (back of kitchen)

Storage Building & Deck

Storage Building west of Pavilion & Picnic Deck

tent table storage

Tents, chairs, tables, were stored here

Guardian trees

Guardian Trees from main arena area

Main Arena

Main Arena Area (west)

Main Arena Area

Main Arena Area from Guardian Trees

Arena and Pavilion

Arena area – Pavilion from Guardian trees area

Mian Outhouse

Main outhouse across the road from the Arena

main outhouse

Main Outhouse – 6 hole – 3 womens in front 3 mens in back

Main outhouse - one stall

Main Outhouse – one stall

Don & Charlene trailer

Base where Don & Charlene’s Trailer was

Don and Charlene trailer

Porch and base – Don & Charlene’s Trailer

Don & Charelene Anderson site

Don & Charlene’s Trailer site

Anderson Site

Anderson site – remain of shed for mowers



APORCEE site 2nd view

APORCEE site 2nd view

u[[er cabin and trailer area

Upper Cabin and trailer area

Landig Field

Curve in road – Landing field behind

Landing Field

Landing Field

wide view landing field

Wide view landing field


Photos of Warren Light Center – June 2012

During a trip back to Franklin PA for  Fire-walk in June of 2012 – Permission was obtained and a group of us were able to enter and tour the Warren Light Center grounds.  I took a walk all around the “top” and took a number of photos –  click the photo to open in a “light box” where you can see each photo in this series  – This series of photos begins at the two cabin near the center of WLC – on the North side of the road – I took the old trail that goes from the two cabins back to Bills House and the back Cabin area just beyond Bills House – where the trail lead down to the river.

One of the cabins

Cabin -1

WLC Tent set up by Cabin

WLC Tent set up by Cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Side of Cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Side of Cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Outhouse near cabins

WLC Jun 2012 Outhouse near cabins

WLC Jun 2012 Outhouse

WLC Jun 2012 Outhouse 2

WLC Jun 2012 Second cabin

WLC Jun 2012 Second Cabin

wlc jun 2012 pet cemetary

WLC Jun 2012 Pet Cemetary

WLC Pet Cemetary 2

WLC Pet Cemetary 2

Trailer Near Bills house WLC

Trailer near Bills house

Bills Hill Sign - near Bills House

Bills Hill Sign – near Bills House

Bills House View 1

Bills House View 1

Bills House View 2 WLC

Bills House View 2

WLC Bills House view 3

Bills House View 3

Bills House View 4

Bills House View 4

Cabin in back part

Cabin in back part

Cabin Remain Back Near trail head

Cabin Remains Back Near trail head

Back Cabin Trail Head

Back Cabin – at Trail Head

Remains of Cabin Back area

Remains of Cabin back area

collapsed Cabin

Collapsed cabin back – north of trail head

outhouse back cabin area

Outhouse back cabin area

Outhouse Back Area

Outhouse Back area

fallen building - back area

Fallen building – back area





Sol Lewis – the founder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society


Sol Lewis was a frequent participant at the WLC gatherings.  Sol was very active and a very popular speaker, teacher and instructor.   Sol often brought a number of people with him from Michigan.

Sol Lewis book Awareness  1996©

Besides being very knowledgeable in metaphysics and an impressive, inspiring teacher Sol was also very skilled in Hypnosis and in using Hypnosis for positive live changes.

Here are several of Sol’s hypnosis introduction and session audios.

Click on the links below to hear Sol Lewis speak.  Please be patient. These take a few minutes to load.



Sol Lewis audio 1
Sol Lewis audio 2
Sol Lewis audio 3
Sol Lewis audio 4





Bill & Ina Channeling 14 May 1976

There were often gatherings of small groups – a number of the People involved with WLC were channels here is an audio of one of those sessions – the date on the cassette tape is 4 May 1976.  Bill Dye and Ina Gallagher are on this recording.


Click on the link below to play (Please be patient. Depending on your connection speed it may take a few minutes to load.)


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