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Sol Lewis book – Awareness (1996)

Thanks to permission from members of Sol Lewis’s family here is a complete book written by Sol –

Table of Contents:

You Cannot Die 3
Introduction 43
Basic Awareness Course 46
Metamorphsis – The Temple Within 83
Personal Note Pages 85



Sol Lewis – the founder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society


Sol Lewis was a frequent participant at the WLC gatherings.  Sol was very active and a very popular speaker, teacher and instructor.   Sol often brought a number of people with him from Michigan.

Sol Lewis book Awareness  1996©

Besides being very knowledgeable in metaphysics and an impressive, inspiring teacher Sol was also very skilled in Hypnosis and in using Hypnosis for positive live changes.

Here are several of Sol’s hypnosis introduction and session audios.

Click on the links below to hear Sol Lewis speak.  Please be patient. These take a few minutes to load.



Sol Lewis audio 1
Sol Lewis audio 2
Sol Lewis audio 3
Sol Lewis audio 4





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Joseph Cecil

Joseph Cecil was a lot of things to and about Warren Light Center.  He was on the board, often a presenter at gatherings, involved with helping Don Anderson repair and maintain the building and grounds.  Joseph and his wife Anna had one of the cabins that they often visited and stayed at for several days at a time.

More than anything I think of  Joseph as ambassador, teacher, friend who always brought Joy and Light and Laughter to everyone he met.  He was one of the most active of the people involved with WLC in the 70s and 80s – always an inspiration and joy to meet up with and be around.

Joseph and Anna were a couple of the people I met when I first started to attend functions and events at Warren Light Center.  They were some of the most positive, open and friendly people I have ever met.  Made you feel welcome and “at home”.

Joseph is a founder of Church of Radiant Lights  sadly Anna has passed on a number of years ago.

Joseph and Anna Cecil

Joseph and Anna Cecil had a cabin at Warren Light Centerr for a number of years.  Joseph is the founder of Radiant Lights Church.

They were at many of the gatherings and often were present on the grounds on weekends at their cabin