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Warren Light Center Founders

This section is dedicated to the four founders of Warren Light Center.  Their vision, that led to the purchase of the land.  Bill & Angela Dye along with John and Ina Gallagher were the founders of WLC.

Angela Dye

Angie, Bill Dye’s wife was one of the original founders of WLC.  I did not know her very well so I am hoping that someone can help me out here and add to this.

Ina Gallagher

Ina along with her husband John joined with Bill and Angie Dye to form the vision and purchase the land that was to become Warren Light Center.

Ina had a strong following and a number of her students became leaders of their own groups.

Ina was able to totally transcend time, and like her husband John, had direct experience of other dimensions, realities, and beings far from this small part of the Universe called Earth.  She was able to experience, communicate with, and bring back experiences from far away in the Galaxy.  Here on this plane, Ina brought to us some of the most powerful instructors that WLC had, as well as their accompanying students.

Warren Light Center had an area called the UFO Landing Field.

It was Ina who brought in the energies and beings that actually used that area.

Did UFOs actually land at WLC?
Were these actually physically present?
Were they occupied by physical beings who originated from very far from this place?
Did those beings actually  emerge from their craft and physically interact with people at WLC?

Many, including myself, would say so.

A Mystic

I would have to place Ina as a mystic able to transcend both time and space, who was able to not only bring back and share her memories and experiences of these travels.  She was actually able to bring the experience itself back physically.

Some saw globes of light at the landing field, others saw actual craft, still others were able to communicate  with beings connected to these events and a small number were able to actually see and interact with these beings on a physical level.


In later years John and Ina built a house at the front of the land  where they lived year round.

John passed on and Ina lived there at the Warren Light Center until her passing.