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Bill Dye

Bill and his wife Angie were two of the original founders of Warren Light Center.  They, along with John and Ina Gallagher, purchased the land that would become Warren Light Center.  The two couples shared a mutual vision of a place where people could come to learn, to teach and to interact.

Bill had a house at the back of WLC just before where the land drops down a rather steep ridge to the river below.

Bill was always at the gatherings. 

Always one of the leaders of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at each of the many gatherings,  Bill was a living example of someone having a vision and turning that vision into reality.  He taught how to do that in his lectures, ceremonies, and by being a living example.

So much of what was to become Warren Light Center – the place and the concept, was from Bill’s vision.

Bill has passed on but his leadership certainly lives on. 

I would have to say that anyone who ever attending any event at WLC can remember Bill leading the opening ceremony – dressed in native American style buckskins.

Besides founding WLC

Bill was open to all type of teachings from Spirit and encouraged teachers, instructors and presenters to  come to WLC and to bring their students.