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Incoming Outgoing Vortexes in the Moss Field/Arena

A group of WARREN LIGHT CENTER members gathered together at the moss field. Including Greg ??? who talked about a vortex of energy that some of the earlier members were aware of. I’m not really sure how they participated in using it’s energy. So I joined the gathering just to be part of whatever would happen.

Kathy Doty lead us into the field. Greg lead us toward the area that he remember as the vortex center, somewhere to the left of where we had entered the field. We circled around the area he had pointed out to us. Some members began to feel some sort of activity. Strangely, I noticed a marked difference in the green grass. It was shaped like a turtle.

At first, I didn’t think that I felt anything. I was so disappointed. Kathy and the others began exploring other areas of the arena. I stayed alone by myself. The area at the vortex felt comfortable to me. I liked being there by myself, without the concern of what the others were doing.

And then a conversation began.

I’m not really sure how to explain this conversation. An old spirit told me his name was Old Joe and that he was, what was called, a Gatekeeper for the vortex. He had been guarding the energy vortex for a long, long time. And he was so tired.

He was looking for someone who would make a SOUL commitment to take over the Gatekeeper’s job. Someone who would understood the job and its total commitment. Someone willing to sacrifice their “LIFE” to stand guard to protect and secure the Pure energy of the vortex. He went on to explain he had given enough of his “Life” Time and wanted now to go further on his Spiritual Path.

As I look back at this: Can you imagine what I think about this encounter with Old Joe????? I have to wonder, “Is this another Life Line I might be committed to?” not a Past or Future, but a parallel dimension?

But this story doesn’t end here.

As the others were gathering at another area in the arena; I continued by myself. Heading on to the right side of the arena, I realized that I was not quite back to full awareness yet. I felt disconnected with “Me”, the one called Shirley. I was not scared at all. I was an observer. I found myself standing beside another energy vortex. I was not sure at the time, but later I was to understand that this was an Outgoing energy vortex. Whereas the vortex Old Joe was guarding was a Incoming energy vortex.

I saw myself as a Teacher, quite young and slender, wearing a blue gingham shirt dress. I was surrounded by children. This did not surprise me, for I have been told I have been a Teacher in many lifetimes. These children were Star Children. The children were brought to the moss field to be taught how to use both the incoming and outgoing energy of both vortexes located here together.

What happened next, You are going to LOVE.

Bill Dye was also involved in teaching the children. Are you aware of how many of WARREN LIGHT CENTER’S members are Teachers???  Doug Davis, Karin Peterson, Melodie Peterson, Sierra, and the list can go on.  I won’t forget Barb Watson who is tutoring a the public library in Michigan.

Kathy told me later that she had asked Chantal to go to the moss field alone to see if she could pick up on anything I had shared from my experience. She climes she did not pick up anything but she did take some pictures. I sure would Love to see those pictures.

Hopefully others will share if they have had any such experiences such as I had.


Hidden Beauty Jan. 2017

P.S.  As I began writing up this posting for the website, realization of a commitment to Old Joe emerges. Any Spiritual work done in Heaven in the Woods carries across Ley lines that connects with WARREN LIGHT CENTER grounds.
So a Voice of Gratitude is sent to each and every person who is part of WLC II and its continued work established by the earlier members of WARREN LIGHT CENTER.

My Encounter with a U.F.O.

A co-worker of mine, Marie Baker, called me out of the blue on my birthday. She remembered my interest in Spiritual Metaphysics and U.F.O.s. She began telling me about her sightings of U.F.O.s from her home in Utica, Pennsylvania, not far from the grounds of Warren Light Center. I told her that I thought she should visit Ina Gallagher and share these sightings with her.

Marie had been involved with the Warren Light Center several years before, when her son Michael was a Boy Scout who camped on the grounds. So, she and I started attending class meetings with Ina.

One evening after such a meeting, we headed home turning right onto the French Creek Rd, toward Utica.

Not far from the Warren Light Center, on the left side of the road, is a campground called Coopers, with a pond in the front. The campground sits at the base of a valley canyon, between two small mountains.

I spotted two bright lights high above, further back the canyon.

Jokingly I said to Marie, “Look Marie, there’s two of your buddies over there.”

As soon as she spotted the lights she replied. “Move over, pull over right here”

Automatically, I pulled my car over to the right side of the road. No sooner than I had turned off the engine, I looked out my windshield and saw that right above us was a ship. I believe now, it was a scout ship.

The Mother ship was the brighter of the two lights and stayed in the canyon. I looked into the side of the scout ship. It was like looking into the door of a microwave oven when the light is on. I saw nothing in the ship, at least no moving Beings.

And then the ship was gone. Believe me.

It didn’t disappear behind a tree, or enter the water of French Creek. It was not headlights from another car. It simply disappeared. I “knew” that I had just seen a U.F.O.

Marie said, “Did you see that?”

Not much was said as we traveled on our way to leave her off at her home in Utica.

When I arrived home my (ex-) husband was getting ready to go to work. I tried to tell him what happened and asked him if U.F.O.s could camouflage themselves as military helicopters. His reply, “How the Hell would I know?” (Now whenever a situation comes up in mine or my sister Mary’s life that we don’t have an answer for, we answer, “How the Hell would I know ?”)

Marie told me later that she went back to the location on French Creek Road and asked a neighbor if he had seen anything that night. His answer, “No, but that’s nothing. We see stranger things like that all the time here.”

Marie later asked Bill Dye about what we had seen. He confirmed with her, that we had indeed saw the ship, and he was not surprised.

Sometime later, I asked a group of Warren Light Center members who were attending a meeting about our encounter. Sierra answered, “Once you see one, you know what you saw. You don’t need to see another one.”

But what bothered me for years after the sighting was: How was I able to look into the side of the ship, if the ships were made of metal?

Since that time I have been given confirmation from other sources.

  1. The book The Day after Roswell.
    Written by a member of a group of military officers who were to investigate the crash and reverse engineer any technology they found on the ship. The author was surprised that when he entered the ship he could see outside a full 360 degrees.
  2. Than again while attending a MUFON meeting in Sedona, Arizona.
    People there shared a story of a couple who were witnesses to the ship flying over before it crashed. The gentleman stated in an interview with the local newspaper, it was lit up from the inside of the ship.
  3. Ron Headley has confirmed I was right.
    The material the ships are made of could let me look into the side of the ship.

Hidden Beauty Dec. 2016

My first visit to WARREN LIGHT CENTER

Ted Jenkins gave my name to Bill Dye to be put on the mailing list for Warren Light Center. First invite was a clean up weekend on the grounds.

Imagine driving the whole way to the back of camp not knowing the layout of the land.

Meeting nobody.

      Hearing nobody.

        Seeing nobody.


Finally arriving at Bill’s cabin.

And what did I do?
While turning around in the driveway/parking area: I stuck my car on a tree trunk.
I knew I needed HELP.

Cautiously I entered Bill’s cabin. The door was wide open. I only ventured in a short way. What was I going to do? Alone. Frightened. I waited.

Bill Dye arrived. I introduced myself as a friend of Ted Jenkins. And I was there to help with the clean up. I Proceeded to show him my car. Yes! Bill helped me jack my car up and off the tree stump. But soon after that I notice that future mailings included the following statement. Warren Light Center would not be responsible for such incidents.

Bill than showed me the trail that runs at the back of camp along a ridge overlooking a small stream. This trail runs from the back of camp to the front of camp. He explained that I could help by throwing any stones or tree limbs off the trail. He felt that as I went along I was sure to run into others doing the same work. I never meet any others as I walked. Not really finding many stones or fallen sticks, I just gave up. Finding a group of Hemlock trees, I sat down on the ridge of the trail overlooking the stream. I gained my composure, I took a deep breath. I silently called out seeking Spirit to join me. To comfort me, to let me know I was doing the right thing by being here.

There in my minds eye:

A Native American elder stood before me. Very rigid. Showed me no recognition at all. “Whoa,” I thought.

Then one who I recognized as a Chief. One who was in his 40’s, still strong and virile. More Kindness, understanding and showed me he recognized me. More acceptance than the Elder before. “Whoa !” again.

The third Native American appeared before me, a Warrior. He wore a Mohawk. Immediately I recognized him, likewise he “knew” me. He handed me three silver coins. These coins were minted by the U.S. government. To be given to the chiefs and others of the Indian tribes as a offering from the Big White Chief, President of the United States. I knew what these coins represented and meant to those of the tribes who received them. Another, “Whoa.”

Now here is the best part

As I came back out of the meditation, a Hawk flew not more than 20 ft. in front of where I was sitting. As he passed by me, he dropped his prey he was carrying into the stream below me. I heard it hit the water.

Verifying how honored I was. To be given both the three coins and the prey of the Hawk. I knew I was Welcome to the Warren Light Center, as part of the Native American heritage on the grounds and as well as a part of the Warren Light Center as we know it.

Little did I know what my part I was to play.


Always in Gratitude,

Hidden Beauty 2016



Shirley Baum commissioned a recreation of the original APORCEE structure located at Heaven in the Woods and completed in 2016. (Editor)

The original APORCEE structure was built on the grounds of the Warren Light Center located near Polk-Franklin. It is designed from a spiritually inspired vision of Don Anderson, resident and member of the early WLC group. If you look further on this website under the WLC Residents you will find the account written by Ron Headley describing Don Anderson and his manifestation of APORCEE.

My interest in APORCEE began after I was shown the photo prints of spirit paintings taken by Dolores Holmes who, with her husband Ron, were close friends of Don Anderson and visited WLC grounds often.

In the early 1980s, Al Law who was also a member of WLC painted a group of Spirit paintings. At the time he painted these paintings he did not know who the people in the paintings were . He would place the paint on his pallet, allow spirit to paint the paintings, and when the paint was gone from the pallet board the paintings were finished.

As soon as I saw the prints of those paintings I “knew” they were of the commanders of the first spaceship which landed on earth. They were a special group connected with the Galactic Federation under Ashtar, Hatton, and St. Germain. I have since been told that I was on the fifth ship that landed.
You can find these paintings under the menu WLC Groups/APORCEE on this website.

APORCEE is made up of the names of the following commanders:

A = Alene
P = Persuk
O = Orlen
R = Roylan
C = Corvau
E = Enai
E = Ephra
These commanders traveled from a starbase in the Pleiades.
There is no WLC activity on the original grounds at this time. But several members of the group wished to continue gathering, so WARREN LIGHT CENTER II was created.

During a meditation (when we still met on the WLC grounds at the original APORCEE site), I received a message that I was to build an APORCEE structure at my own HEAVEN IN THE WOODS and that the structure would complete the circuit of energy which I had been working on while creating HEAVEN IN THE WOODS.





After three years of manifestation, APORCEE has been fulfilled. This structure has been modified somewhat from the original Don built.

But my intention is “True Blue” as they say and I believe Spirit will make what happens “happen” for each person who wishes to experience APORCEE energy.


  A follow up: After our last gathering, MaryAnn McClellan received a message regarding the letters in APORCEE and their meaning:

A = A
P = Portal
O = Oscillator
R = Resonance
C = Chamber
E = Energy Activator
E = Extender
Expanded Explanation
  • Portal (a doorway, gate or entrance)
  • Oscillator (a person that creates a sound that oscillate on a apparatus such as an electron tube, or establishing and maintaining oscillation of a frequency determined by it’s physical constants –
    always the same. For example: musical notes are always the same value.
  • Resonance (prolongation of the sound or musical note by reflection or by sympathetic vibration of other airways)
  • Chamber (any enclosed space or compartment designed for  a specific purpose)
  • Energy Activator (action at work or expression, inherent power, the strength of power efficiently exerted in balance)
  • Extender (to lengthen, to reach farther)

Shirley Baum


Marjorie Gera shares the meaning of the original APORCEE:

Any Person Opon Realizing Consciousness Enters Enlightenment”. Yes it is opon not upon.

Before the actual structure Don [Anderson] created a physical symbol [of] each that hung in our homes and that he made and freely gave to all who asked.


To learn more , please click The House of APORCEE