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Jeff Limpert

Jeff was a part-time resident at the original Warren Light Center, renting one of the cabins on the grounds. He would go, often with his wife and two sons, to attend gatherings, spend time to recharge or join community activities, just visit friends, or assist Sierra during her fire walks.

He is an active editor on this site, helping to organize and archive material to preserve the memory of the Warren Light Center.

Jeff has written two books – The first book Unfolding: Awakening describes the process of growing in awareness. The second, Unfolding: Nexus, is the adventure and is based on some of his experiences. The Warren Light Center is the basis for the novel’s fictional Spiritual Center called Brightwood. A number of the people involved with WLC are inspirations for his characters.

The books, Unfolding: Awaking and Unfolding: Nexus can be purchased in e-book format on Amazon.


To read more about the series and the related information, please follow the link to Unfolding Series web site.

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Updated 06/10/2016