Sol Lewis book – Awareness (1996)

Thanks to permission from members of Sol Lewis’s family here is a complete book written by Sol –

Table of Contents:

You Cannot Die 3
Introduction 43
Basic Awareness Course 46
Metamorphsis – The Temple Within 83
Personal Note Pages 85




  1. I am certainly glad I found your website!

    Sol and Elaine Lewis introduced me to the Light Center (Summer /Winter Solstices) in the ’90’s. The energy was spiritually cleansing. I sorely miss its beauty and am truly saddened that the spiritual retreat and place of comfort to so many of the seekers of The Light is no longer accessible.

    Sol Lewis, my friend, teacher, hired me as Associate Director of the Michigan Hypnosis Institute 1989; Elaine Lewis, my Numerology teacher 1983; surrogate mother and dear friend, Kathy Doty, my ministerial teacher (The Church of Ageless Wisdom); Irene Rucinski, a nationally known Psychic my guidance, teacher and Arthur Rucinski, Chakras instructor. The Michigan Metaphysical Society was my home. These individuals, their knowledge, ethics, goodness, and graces were nonpareil. The likes of that era will not grace this earth’s arena again.

    So….it was within this framework knowledge that I was introduced to The Warren Light Center….

    I do have a few brochures of Art and pictures Elaine and Sol, let me know how best to get them to you.

    Joan E Goldman
    (248) 557-5730


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