Sol Lewis – the founder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society

Sol Lewis was a frequent participant at the WLC gatherings.  Sol was very active and a very popular speaker, teacher and instructor.   Sol often brought a number of people with him from Michigan.

Besides being very knowledgeable in metaphysics and an impressive, inspiring teacher was also very skilled in Hypnosis and in using Hypnosis for positive live changes.  Here are some of Sols hypnosis introduction and session audios.  Click on the links below.  Be patient these take a few minutes to load.


Sol Lewis audio 1

Sol Lewis audio 2

Sol Lewis audio 3

Sol Lewis audio 4



  1. Sol Lewis was my first teacher of hypnosis, meditation & metaphysics in the early 1970’s. He was a regular guest on my Sunday morning radio talk show on WWWW-FM. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, Sol was a dear and loving man who lived the life he preached. I owe him a great debt and will love him always. Thanks for posting these old recordings.

    • Michael,

      Apologies for the delay in approving your message. This one slipped past us.

      I met Sol a few times. His presence was something to see and feel. Ron Headley spent more time with him than I.

      Should you have any memories to share I’ll be happy to post them. You can reach me at

      – Jeff

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