Photos of Warren Light Center – June 2012 – Series three

This is the third series of photos of Warren Light Center taken Jun 2012 – This series begins at the curve where Don and Charlene’s trailer was – shows the main road looking south and the Guardian trees of the main camp and Arena.

landing field south and west

Landing field south and west

Main Road

Main Road looking south toward the main gate

Sacred Circle

Upper Woods – Sacred Circle


From the Sacred Circle down to APROCEE

side road to Don & Charlenes

Side road to Don and Charlene’s site

Road to main Camp

Road to main camp – Guardian trees

Guardian Arena

Guardian Trees opening to arena area

arena and large tent area

Arena and Large tent area

Arena and Pavilion

Arena and Pavilion from Guardian trees area

Hill down to arena

Hill down to the arena

return to cabin

Back to the Cabin area across and east of the Arena

Ina & John Gallagher House

Foundation and Chimney Ina & John Gallagher House

John & Ina Gallagher Site

John and Ina Gallagher Site front of WLC

Garage John & Ina Gallagher

Garage John & Ina Gallagher Site

Garage beside John & Ina's house

Garage Beside John & Ina’s House

Warren Light Center Gate

Warren Light Center Main Entrance

Warren Light Center

Warren Light Center Main Entrance

Warren Light Center Entry

Warren Light Center Entry

Entry Warren Light Center

Entry Warren Light Center

This is the end of the photos taken Jun 2012 on Warren Light Center – there were often 200 or more people who would come here during the Summer Solstice and 100 or so that attended Spring and Fall Equinox conferences.  Hopefully photos will surface of some of these gatherings.  Even during the Winter Solstice there were often 50 people or so here.

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