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Anna Noof


Please take the time to tell us about Anna Noof and the other special places located on the grounds of the Warren Light Center.

If you see we’ve left something off, please tell us that too and someone will add a special post to hold those memories too.

Eventually we’ll write a permanent entry describing the basic history of this station.


The WLC Team

July 2012

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  1. Anna Nouf was spectacular in its’ isolation. I think that is the word I want.. One did not go up there just to go there, you were called. The trip up and back was a journey in its self, but once you were there…. People could go right by you and never know you were there. I also felt extreme protection and security. It was as if the whole current time and space continuum had ceased . I know I had been transported back to Native tymes. I loved it.
    One cannot forget about the tyme warp that was on the far side of it, too. More than once I lost hours up there. I remember one distinct tyme I lost almost 6 hrs. It happened when I was still fairly new and did not know about it.

    • I never made it to Anna Nouf, Debb. Bill would tell me to go up there, but I never knew where to look, so went off in the other direction to the power wheel, or votex that was a little down the mountian from that and adopted them for a little while.

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