Landing Field

Warren Light Center Entry





Please take the time to tell us about Landing Fiels and the other special places located on the grounds of the Warren Light Center.

We know this a site that everyone knew about. You couldn’t get into WLC without driving through it. What do you know of sightings of  UFO’s, Shooting Stars, and anything else you saw there?

Does anyone have a copy of the small piece from the Reader’s Digest that quoted Bill? Do you remember it?

If you see we’ve left something off, please tell us that too and someone will add a special post to hold those memories too.

Eventually we’ll write a permanent entry describing the basic history of this station.


The WLC Team

July 2012

If you want to join the team and help preserve the memory of the Warren Light Center, please leave a reply here and we’ll be in touch.



  1. Now that’s one I would have liked to have seen with you!

    I can recall groups of people laying on the ground under blankets and watching shooting stars until they’d get too tired, cold, or wet from the settling dew.

    To see one pop up after going behind trees – that’s the kind of event that made the Warren Light Center what it was.

  2. Late at night several of us(Kathy Doty, Karin Peterson, Naomi Doty and others)would take blankets & chairs and
    observe the wide open sky(over the landing field.. full of stars, planets,satelites and jets(flying very high).
    I saw a lighted object flying very fast across the sky(completely unlike anything I have ever seen)..I tried to get
    everyone to see it(amongst hundreds..thousands of stars) flew across the entire sky in seconds..and went down beyond the tree line..and no one else saw it..SUDDENLY as I looked upon the place that it had disappeared..
    it POPPED back up above the tree line..then flew paralell to the tree line..this would have been impossible for
    and other kind of man made flying vehicle.

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