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Video and Text Chat Room

Welcome to the Warren Light Center Chat Room

Please feel free to contact friends and reminisce about times at the Warren Light Center, talk about current topics of interest, or simply visit.

If you would like to have your memories entered into the the website as a separate article, please leave a reply at the end of this bottom of the page and one of the Archive members will get in touch with you by e-mail.

Either click on this link now, or follow the steps below.


In a conversation


To use this software follow these simple steps:

Go to The Warren Light Center Chat Room

Allow use of your camera and microphone


Click on the red bar to give
the chat room permission to
use your camera and microphone.




Giver permission to use your camera and microphone


Click on the prompt to confirm
that you are giving permission.

Note: This prompt will be different
if you use a browser other than the
one shown here.



Alone in the chat room


This is what it looks like if no one else
is present in the chat room.

If you wish, you can copy the link on
the right and send it to other people
so they may join you.




If you’ve already agreed to meet people in the chat room they will appear on screen as soon as they finish the joining process.

In a conversation



Enjoy !


Chatter Box

This is a chat area I’ve put up until we can get something more permanent.

For now it’s wide open. Just like the kiosks of the 60’s, or the first computer bulletin boards.

If you have something to say, something to ask for, or reply to – put it here.

No guarantees. It’s a kiosk, nothing more.

Keep it polite and simple and you’ll be able to say almost anything.

Have fun with it.

Click here to write a response.

Roll Call


You found the site !

If you’ve been part of the Warren Light Center take a moment to leave a note below. Your e-mail address will not be revealed, so use one you check often enough that we’ll get a reply from you.

If you’re interested in writing articles, or spreading the word, include that in the reply.

Take a few minutes to look around, then spread the word. Tell someone else to add their name.

We know a lot of the older alumni won’t have a computer. Heck, they may have a better way to communicate! Do us a favor though and tell them what you’ve seen. Maybe they will want to contribute something to keep the memory of those precious times alive.


Click on the title to write a response.