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  1. To shirley baum 4 yrs later the answer to ur question. I was living at camp when don woke up with the idea for aporcee and the names of the 7 sisters. AILEEN, PORSOOK, ORNAY, ROYLON, CAIRVOO, ENAY, EFFERA.

    U can contact me if u need the pronunciations, just ask jeff.

  2. Notice:

    WARREN LIGHT CENTER II Solstice Gathering June 17th, 18th, 19th 2016.

    Continuing to gathering together Honoring the Work and Spiritual exchange offered from the original WARREN LIGHT CENTER. Conference program intended to Highlight the interests of the members attending. We are Blessed as a Light Worker group, to be a part of 2016 Spiritual Ascension for planet Gaia and All beings living on Her.

    Limited Seating

  3. Spent every summer from 1961-1972 here for every solstice and had a cabin and trailer there. A lot if winderful memories. Was there to visit Bill Dye just months before his death. So sad to hear it is no longer in use:( I am from Ohio but now live in Fla . Just recently I considered going to Franklin for an outing. Hard to imagine those beautiful grounds desolate and not thriving! No one would remember me but my mom n dad n siblings were very instrumental in WLC growth over many years. Will be fondly remembered. Debbie Macres Fiore

  4. The Property loks as though there has been limited if any activity for years. The structures are falling down and the power lines have been cut, However, Every year someone Posts, NO HUNTING Signs on this area.

  5. Is the WLC On Creek Road in the Village of Niles in the City of Franklin in the County of Venango in the State of Pennsylvania ? Still in use, as of 2012. Who owns this property and how mant acres is it?

    • Bryan,

      The property is no longer available for gatherings.

      Our site is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Warren Light Center as it was and to the continuation of it’s spirit.

      I do not have information as to how you can receive permission to visit the grounds. Perhaps someone else who is from that part of the country can answer your question.

      If you have any information you would like to add to the site, I’d be happy to help you make a post.


      – Jeff

      • Thank you for your speedy response, I hope that anyone,someone OUTTHERE has information on this parcel of property and is able to supply some answers. The sign at the entrance is there and displays the name Warren Light Center. This Property has fallen into the Hands of WHO ?

  6. To All:

    Ron and I have been real busy of late.

    I’ve transcribed a few pages of hand-written channeling, though it’s going to take a while to edit them I may just scan them to make them available. There’s a lot related to the Aprocee and Al Law paintings a lot of people would like to see.

    Also, on the UnfoldingSeries site I’ve posted a couple of stories about ghosts and spirits for a bit of light reading as we approach All Hallows Eve. Please have a look.

    I plan on writing several more before the end of October and returning to my regular subjects.

    If anyone has a non-WLC encounter they want to share I’ll be happy to offer a guest post.

    ‘If you have a WLC spirit story, please leave a note here and I’ll contact you via e-mail to get it posted on this site.

    – Jeff

  7. Status:

    It’s taken longer than we would have liked to get the information we’ve collected posted on the website.

    Good news is that I’ve uncovered a few more pamphlets and Ron was able to talk to Charleen, learning valuable information.

    I now have a speech-to-text program that will help with the transcription of long documents.

    If anyone wants to contribute memories, please leave a note here and I’ll contact you by e-mail.

    Note: It’s best not to leave e-mail address or other contact information in public areas like this page. This is in order to keep the information from being misused


    – Jeff.

  8. For additional reading:

    I’ve recently completed a road trip into the deep south and had a chance to visit several friends. If you would like to read about the paranormal and spiritual experiences please visit

    Several posts are already up and there will be at least two more relating to the trip this week and the next.

    Would anyone be interested in posting similar stories here? If so, what should we call the area?

    If we set up a members forum, would anyone want to use it?

  9. We now have posts online that you can view and comment on a number of the sites and landmarks from the Warren Light Center.

    Please take a minute to look at the legend page at

    Then, if you remember events or experiences you had at any of them, consider clicking on the links at the bottom to visit the post for that landmark, and share what you recall with the rest of us.

    As we continue to amass historical information we’ll roll some of the comments into the related posts and can list you as a contributor.


    – Jeff

  10. I just heard from a man named Aurthur Davis..he said he was grounds keeper at WLC (maybe) around 1976.
    Does anyone know Aurthur? His phone number is: 419-281-6217. If you remember him..he would enjoy
    hearing from you.

  11. Thanks to All That Attended The FIREWALK 2012
    WONDERFUL We all came away with different Memories. But All were Blessed by the Spirit of the FIREWALK. I am honored that you all supported our WARREN LIGHT CENTER II Summer Solstice. Thank once again LOVETRUTHUNDERSTANDING

    • hello shirley i just came across this web site. how are you? the last time i saw you, you were going in for your knees. miss you say hello to those i know.. may-be see you soon. take care russ

  12. To All:

    Angel Vaow left a message in “The Call of History” section asking about Ina and permission to walk the ground. Can anyone with knowledge give her a reply?

    – Jeff

  13. Just recieved message on my cell from Dee Best.
    She sends her regards..however she will be in Chicago area
    the weekend of firewalk.
    She did not leave a phone number..does anyone have it?

  14. Ron, say hello to Charline on Friday when you visit with her..
    tell her we miss her and wish she could be with us.

  15. Hi glad that we found you in time for you to join us at this special gathering of old(and new) friends.
    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday..and just so you case you have the uncontrollable urge
    to join us at the firewalk(after work) are welcome to sneak in..turn your cell phone to “off” and wait
    until a ‘break’ to sit with us..or join us at the fire after dark at any time. See you soon..luv to Rick.

  16. Huggs to all. I’m debb burtnett. I used to waitress and live in the grounds. Nothing but good memories of WLC. I”M working on the 23 but will be there on the 24. Gentle thoughts to all. Debb and Rick

  17. I just had a long long wonderful conversation with Maryanne McClellan…she WANTS TO COME TO THE FIREWALK with her son David. She will let us know. Bill McClellan is in a wheel chair and on dialysis for 2 years.
    We all remember her wonderful singing of the Lord’s Prayer at Solstice. Maybe she will sing it for us as we go
    to sleep (after the firewalk) in ‘tent city’…(we are callling the camping area on Shirley’s heaven in the woods “tent city’.

  18. Hello,
    Just looked at the site for the first time since you placed the APORCEE information.
    You need to Spell out APORCEE name with the picture of the Commandar whos name makes up the word APORCEE.

    Some of the names matches. Do you know what/who each letter represented?

    Aleene Lady with a big red E Who has the spicked blue and black head piece. Persuke Lady with checkered scarf and hat holding the book Orion Lady holding the lanturn looking out the at the stars and space ships
    Roilon Lady with the red, blue, and black flowing scarf surrounding her body
    Carvu Lady with the blue scarf covering her mouth. Blue skin
    E ???
    E ???
    I am not sure if this is correct. Do you remember any of this?

    • Shirley,

      ConiAnn and I cam in near the end of APROCEE. Don initiated us and wouldn’t tell us many of the specifics, preferring we go to the site and feel what we could. It was fairly weakened when we visited it.

      Ron came to it before us and may remember more.

      Let’s see if we can set aside a little time at the firewalk to map some of this out.

      – Jeff

    • Thanks Shirley
      Now that you mention it I sort of remember how to do that – I believe that I only saw the complete set of painting once – and it was explained to us then – that was a long time ago.

  19. Thanks for the names Jeff..Perhaps you are speaking of Dee Best? The last I heard she moved
    to California..anyway I do not think she is in the PA area anymore. Bonnie & Merle were from a
    Metaphysical Group over near Mansfield..I do not have their info anymore. How did you get to know them?

    • I was thinking of Dee Best.

      Bonnie and Merle were at one of the firewalks. I’m fairly sure that’s where we first met. I don’t think I have his contact information any more, but I’ll keep an eye our for it.

  20. Hello – I will be assisting with a solstice one day retreat here in Erie so we will not be able to make the firewalk. I look forward to hearing about it on this web site. And hopefully there will be more gatherings that we will be able to attend in the future.

    Dennis and I were first introduced to WLC by Bishop William Dye – he came to our spiritualist church as a guest speaker and of course invited us all to WLC. Dennis and I went – this was approx 1980 or so.. we became friends and had visited the grounds for approx 25 years. Rev. Bill married us and we went on to take ministerial classes with him where we (approx 3 yrs later) were ordained by him at WLC. We joined countless others in working the grounds to prep for events, served as speakers, board members ..just about anything we were asked to…. Bill had a great way of getting us to work and put out a good breakfast too! It is a light in our hearts and dearly miss all members of WLC.

    I have a lot of old programs that Bill had given us a few years before he passed. We met and enjoyed Al Law’s music and art. We have painting Al did for us as a wedding gift and I have a sketch he did as well.

    We remember Don and Charlene Anderson – enjoyed sharing quiet nights by their campfire and also had many visits from his black lab Zeke at our campsite.

    Kathy and Naomi Doty are also vital parts of WLC’s history. She was a great worker and speaker over the years.

    We have Quite a LOT of photos we took over the years – from meetings on the road, to camp sites, photos at the arena and the tent area… when the tent was up etc. I would be happy to help capture the history of WLC. During 20 years we came most weekends, stayed for weeks at a time and really enjoyed and were profoundly affected by the Light of all beings at WLC.

    We did work with Rev. Bill and countless others by doing vortex trips down the hill…. This was a ceremony created by Rev Bill and spirit entities that he channeled.

    He has 2 wonderful sons – who are married to beautiful hearted ladies … I know they have childern.. but I must admit I have lost touch with them and do not know any of the details. I hope they can add information here.

    well i got longer than intended.

    as Bill would close ….. i offer you H.E.L.P. – Harmony, Enlightenment Love and Peace

    Rev. Terri Shupenko

    • Terri,

      Thanks for the great post! It’s loaded with good bits of history. I have been racking my brain trying to remeber what H.E.L.P. stood for.

      Your offer to help is warmly welcomed and appreciated. Ron and I are busy types and have uploaded a lot of what we have – just enough to prime the pump.

      Are you skilled with computers and able to scan what you have?

      If material is typewritten we may be able to convert it to electronic text so people can search on it. Otherwise we’ll have to wait unti it can be transcribed. Just having access to it will be a great help.

      With a couple more volunteers we can begin to thing about how to organize the site by differnt topics.

      Thanks again,

      – Jeff

  21. More people are learning about the Firewalk..Deb, Joseph Cecil, Maryanne McClellan, Alice & Austin Chipps..
    if you can think of anymore people..let us know in this chat room..need addresses too.

    • I’m having fun imaging what everyone looks like today and will enjoy visiting again.

      Have you heard from Dee, Bonnie, or Merle? I might have a phone number if you need it.

    • Does any one remember the year or date that the local franklin paper published the article on firewalking?? If I can get a date,I can get a copy, we have the archives here at the library.

  22. Ron,

    How did you get your gravatar image so small? I’d like to make mine less pronounced too.

    To Everyone:

    Gravtar ( is a site that allows you to add a photo which can be automatically added to your posts and replies on most blog posts. If you are going to want to post here, consider setting up a picture of yourself, or a favorite icon you would like to appear with your text.

  23. Yesterday Ron ConiAnn, and I each received packages from Shirley and Melodie containing pages and photos related to WLC. Thanks to both!

    Shirley’s had information about Aprocee which included Don Anderson’s “House of Aprocee,” photos, and additional material related to St, Germain and Zecharia Sitchin.

    Melodie’s is a thick stack of transcribed readings and communications from numerous entities.

    If someone wants to create a topic on either material, please send a note to me with an initial statement about the subject and it’s history. I’ll be happy to copy it to a main page so we can talk about it there.

    – Jeff

  24. Sierra,

    It sounds like there will be a full class. Right now it looks like we’ll be able to make it. The labyrynth and pyramid sound like places that will be good to experience. It’s going to be good to see you again!

    – Jeff

  25. 40+ people have responded to Firewalk invitation..being held at home of Shirley Baum
    June 23, 2012..join us if you can..Visit Warren Light Center Grounds on Sunday June 24, 2012.
    after Christ Light Meditation at Shirley’s Heaven in the Woods..spiral labyrynth.
    Looking forward to being with alot of old friends and new. Sierra

    • Hi Sierra – welcome to the site – hopefully you will be putting up more information as time goes on. I am looking forward to coming up to Western PA for the firewalk and seeing old acquaintances as well as meeting new ones.

    • Sierra, Dee and Jim are in the Grove City area. Jim works at Sears. I talked to Jim this morn6-8-12 and told him about the reunion and walk. If you atre in the area Tue-Fri afternoons stop i at Franklin public lib,I”m there. Huggs

      • Deb, I did not know Dee(Best) and Jim were still in the area..I wish I had their
        address I could send them info..even an e mail address..thanks for telling them
        about the events..I hope they decide to be with us. Sierra

    • Hi Sierra, So glad I found some of our WLC people. Is the center still in operation? I miss all of you guys so much. I remarried in 2010 Fred passed in 2006. I married Patrick Gorman IN 2010. He is wonderful…and wants me to re-connect to the life I had doing my spiritual work once again. If it had not been for Bishop “Bill” I wouldn’t have started my own Universal New Hope Church of Bradford. It was in non function mode until more recent times. I moved to Columbus PA (outside Corry PA)and ill b starting the church up once more when we find a building. I have a wonderful core group of about 20 people and it is all their dreams to have the church reopen. Please call when you get a chance or email me At Blessings and love Rev. Charlene Gorman

  26. Shirley,

    ConiAnn and I are delighted the firewalk is being held and looking forward to attending. We’ve been away too long.

    If you woult like to write a blog post, Ron or I can create an account for you. If that’s too much work and you would still like to see one, just send it to either of us. We have your e-mail address and can send you ours.

    Thanks so much for hosting the firewalk.

    – Jeff

  27. Hello,
    I would love to talk with you. I am part of the FIREWALK for June 23rd. And I would love to invite any Members of WARREN LIGHT CENTER to attend. Please e-mail me.

  28. Site Addition:

    I’ve added a Google search link for “Warren Light Center” on the right side of the screen.

    You’ll find it listed under “Blogroll”.

    There were 433 listings of “Warren Light Center” on 4 MAy 2012. You can use them to search for people who you many want to contact.

    So, please look through the seach and make a reply to this post with any you think are worthy.

    Also: If you have any web site links you want added, please leave reply here. If the editors approve, we can add the links.

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