Dyes and Gallaghers


  1. Soon after Ina Gallagher began her recovery from a stroke, I would stop every day on my way home from working the night shift at Polk Center. I would help Ina to dress and assist her in any other activity that she needed. I would get John his paper and make his morning coffee. John needed help putting on compression socks for his legs. These sock use air to help keep his legs sore free and relive any swelling. I would apply these stockings which would than be removed by visiting nurses later that day.

    During this same time, Ina requested my help in clearing out their garage. When John and Ina moved from their home in Newton Falls, OH to the grounds of WARREN LIGHT CENTER, their storage boxes were piled in the garage. She wanted to clean out the boxes, cement the garage floor and begin holding church in the garage. Everyday I would carry in 6 boxes for Ina to go through. Some items she kept in the house, some went to the basement, some back out to the garage. Hopefully some items would be use for future church activities. Some items were trash.

    Many mornings I would load the tractor and trailer with this trash to be burned. I would follow the trail along the backside of John and Ina’s home. It traveled down hill, turning very sharp to the left heading towards a wet area feed by a spring of water. On one of these hauling’s I ran into trouble. The trailer fish tailed on the tractor heading down the hill. I was unable to release the brake on the tractor, for the trailer would continue to push itself down the hill.

    Believe me I was scared. And than who do you think came walking down the trail towards me.

    Bill Dye……..

    My first question???? How did you “know” I was in trouble.

    His answer: “I’m physic, you know” Bill at his finest. Don’t you agree?

    He took over the tractor, righted the trailer. And headed the trash on down the hill to be burned.

    His suggestion was: Why don’t you stay up near the driveway to burn. Thus not having to travel down the hill with tractor and trailer.

    Always in Gratitude Hidden Beauty 2016

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