John and Ina Gallagher

John and Ina Gallagher 2 of the original founders of Warren Light Center – 2 of the 4 co-owners of the land


  1. Hello Ronald, Sierra has given me the honors of facilitateing a FIREWALK on June 23rd as a Summer Solstice WARREN LIGHT CENTER II conference for 2012. And I have heard that you may attend this event. This alone is exciting.
    But now that this web site has been created I recognize that those that were here and gone onward, are very much a part of recreating the WARREN LIGHT CENTER
    I would love to talk with you at some point before or during the FIREWALK. My phone number is 724-376-2855,
    I have some materials that I have collected over the years. But what has been brought to my NOW attention is APORCEE. Ron Holmes has the paintings on slides and I have made prints from the slides. I would love to have any input from you on this.

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