Warren Light Center (WLC)

This site is dedicated to the teachers, leaders, instructors and founders of Warren Light Center (WLC,)  a 200 acre retreat located near Franklin Pennsylvania.  We are also dedicated to the families of the founders, instructors and teachers as well as all of the students of the founders and instructors and their families.


Warren Light Center was a place where four times a year for over 30 years gatherings were held that were led by the founders and a number of teachers and instructors.

    The founders, teachers and instructors taught their Truth to students that came to learn from these instructors and mostly to discover themselves.  Gatherings were 3-4 day weekends held on or near the Summer and Winter Solstice and Fall and Spring Equinox.


People from all over the surrounding area would come to Warren Light Center to attend these gatherings.

Most people attending would stay on the grounds.  Attendees choosing to camp brought tents, some even brought teepees, a few had campers and even fewer (1 or 2) would arrive in motor-homes.

A certain number of those in attendance would stay at hotels in the area, including the nearby Idlewood Motel.

The grounds and facilities were fairly primitive.

      There was a water line that was fed by a spring across the road up on top of a hill that went to several mobile homes, a community center, several of the camping areas and cabins and on to the back where one of the founders had built a house.  Pure clean spring water was available over most of the upper part of the grounds.

Electricity was available in each of the main areas as well as several outlets in the camping areas.  There were several pit toilets and outhouses in various locations on the grounds.  The mobile homes and houses had septic systems, the cabins did not.


The Summer Solstice gathering had the largest attendance with as many as 200 people arriving to attend the classes, lectures, ceremonies and events held over the 3-4 day weekend.  Instructors, teachers and presenters came from mostly from PA, OH, MI, IN and other surrounding areas.

The topics presented and discussed included: New Thought, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Psychic Awareness, Spiritualism, New Age, Astrology, Native American teachings, Astrology, Numerology,  Eastern philosophies, UFOs, Natural Health and Healing, Firewalks, and a lot more.

Students which mostly called themselves Seekers came to learn and be with their teachers and to learn from other teachers and instructors.

Some seekers came alone, others brought their spouses, partners and families, others brought friends, often there would be attendees from all the USA and Canada and even as far away Europe.


  1. This is another odd event that happened when I was with Sierra. It was in the daylight and Sierra took me down to the creek where the enchanted Hemlock tress grow. I took a small disposable camera with me . I have used the same type of camera a lot of times and I never encountered any problems. It was gorgeous down by the creek and I wanted to take a couple of pictures that showed the sunbeams coming through the trees. It was simply a beautiful sight. Out of no where, Sierra said,”Oh, I sense a bear.” Oh my, I had never thought about running into a situation like that before. She said, “Oh don’t worry, they won’t bother you.” Well, I continued taking my pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed the energy that the Hemlock trees and water was casting off. Sierra took to climbing the mountain like a fish takes to water. I either had surgery or was going to have surgery on my right knee so the climbing part was pretty hard on me. This would have made the year 2005 or 2006. it seemed like I couldn’t hold onto my camera. It kept falling out of my pocket or I left it on the ground whenever I stopped to take a break. Spirit kept putting up blocks to prevent me from taking p[pictures of these awesome sights. Mato, would be arriving soon at the grounds so we climbed back up the mountain and headed back to camp. When we reached the top, I realized that my camera was missing. Dang! It must have come out of my pocket while crawling up the mountain or when I sat down at our last stop. All I knew was that I couldn’t make it back down the mountain to retrieve my camera. Luckily, Mato was at the top of the mountain and he didn’t mind hiking back down the steep hill to get my camera. In just a few moments, he was back with us at the top of the hill smiling, camera in hand. Great! I took the camera home and eagerly waited for the film to be developed. I paid for the pictures and started flipping through them looking for my favorite ones of the Hemlock trees and water with sun beams. Wouldn’t you know it? Every picture on the film came out fine except for the photos that I took in the enchanted forest. For one reason or another, spirit did not want those pictures to be taken and developed. Funny, I often wonder why. What would have appeared on the film that the trees did not want me to see? It still remains a mystery to this day. This was just one of many beautiful times that I enjoyed while being on the grounds of the Warren Light Center. Great memories for sure!

  2. It took some research through my daily journals to get the dates and time right but, I felt that it was important to do so. I was invited by Kathy Doty to start attending the WLC conferences and I am so glad that I did. I have experienced such life changing events and have met some of my dearest friends and teachers through this awesome group of people. I did not start coming to WLC until 2005, so I am pretty much a “new comer” of the group. In the five years that I did attend, magic and powerful things have happened to me.
    One event was on Friday, June 19, 2009. It was daylight and I was in my parked car outside of Kathy’s trailer. I was sitting in the front seat of my car doing something. David and Richard walked by my car and they were in the middle of a conversation. I heard every word that they said and it was very clear. A little later on in the day, I ran across David and Richard and I told them that I was sorry that I didn’t say hello when they passed my car but, I thought that they were engrossed in their conversation so I didn’t want to disturb them. They said that they were NOT outside and they did NOT pass my parked car. I insisted that yes they were and I repeated their conversation word for word. They looked at me very oddly and replied that was the exact conversation that they had INSIDE of their trailer not too long ago! When I told Sierra about the whole thing, she replied,”These are the type of things that happen on the grounds all of the time!”.
    My nighttime story is a little scarier. I double checked with Doug Davis and my journal for the date of this event. This happened on Saturday, June 20, 2008. A group of us were coming home from a meditation at the Holmes residence. It was pretty late at night and this happened on the last night of conference. For this visit, I had rented a car. Back then, I was much slimmer so I could curl up and sleep in the back of the car. On the main road in, I pulled over to the right hand side so I was in between the pavilion and the six-pack. Doug Davis was pulled over to the left hand side and was sleeping in his vehicle. He was not real far from my vehicle. As all of you that have spent the night on the grounds, it gets pitch black dark. As I said we had come back from the Holmes, right down the road and it was pretty late so we got ready for the night and went to sleep. I had a sensation of being watched and I tried to shake it. It continued so I had to give in and take a peek. My car was surrounded by 3 and/or more aliens. They were short, probably 3 to 4 feet high. They were just tall enough to be able to view inside of my car windows comfortably. They were just looking into the car at me and I didn’t feel threatened but, I certainly was freaked out. I did what any other mature adult would do… I pulled the covers over my head and prayed that they would go away. I was too scared to even look up again so I am sure that I eventually feel asleep. Talk about wanting to pee your pants!

  3. I went to WLC to live 01/15/1975. I was all of 21 yrs. I spent 4 yrs living there. Went to nursing school and married and divorced. It was where i learned to channel, met some of the best people and was enriched spiritualy and psychicaly. To denise joyce, jerry had his trailer next to the andersons at that time and was a dear friend of mine. Im sorry hes gone.

  4. I used to come here with my Husband, Jerry Joyce… We lived in Cleveland at the time. I loved it there. I have wondered how many were still around that we knew. It was such a Place…….. I think of it often and still speak of there to friends, Just reaching out…

  5. I was reminded today of a beautiful meditation I had there years ago, when I met a big gorgeous tortoise and mushroom. I was once asked to speak there on crystals. Is it still in existence?

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