My first visit to WARREN LIGHT CENTER

Ted Jenkins gave my name to Bill Dye to be put on the mailing list for Warren Light Center. First invite was a clean up weekend on the grounds.

Imagine driving the whole way to the back of camp not knowing the layout of the land.

Meeting nobody.

      Hearing nobody.

        Seeing nobody.


Finally arriving at Bill’s cabin.

And what did I do?
While turning around in the driveway/parking area: I stuck my car on a tree trunk.
I knew I needed HELP.

Cautiously I entered Bill’s cabin. The door was wide open. I only ventured in a short way. What was I going to do? Alone. Frightened. I waited.

Bill Dye arrived. I introduced myself as a friend of Ted Jenkins. And I was there to help with the clean up. I Proceeded to show him my car. Yes! Bill helped me jack my car up and off the tree stump. But soon after that I notice that future mailings included the following statement. Warren Light Center would not be responsible for such incidents.

Bill than showed me the trail that runs at the back of camp along a ridge overlooking a small stream. This trail runs from the back of camp to the front of camp. He explained that I could help by throwing any stones or tree limbs off the trail. He felt that as I went along I was sure to run into others doing the same work. I never meet any others as I walked. Not really finding many stones or fallen sticks, I just gave up. Finding a group of Hemlock trees, I sat down on the ridge of the trail overlooking the stream. I gained my composure, I took a deep breath. I silently called out seeking Spirit to join me. To comfort me, to let me know I was doing the right thing by being here.

There in my minds eye:

A Native American elder stood before me. Very rigid. Showed me no recognition at all. “Whoa,” I thought.

Then one who I recognized as a Chief. One who was in his 40’s, still strong and virile. More Kindness, understanding and showed me he recognized me. More acceptance than the Elder before. “Whoa !” again.

The third Native American appeared before me, a Warrior. He wore a Mohawk. Immediately I recognized him, likewise he “knew” me. He handed me three silver coins. These coins were minted by the U.S. government. To be given to the chiefs and others of the Indian tribes as a offering from the Big White Chief, President of the United States. I knew what these coins represented and meant to those of the tribes who received them. Another, “Whoa.”

Now here is the best part

As I came back out of the meditation, a Hawk flew not more than 20 ft. in front of where I was sitting. As he passed by me, he dropped his prey he was carrying into the stream below me. I heard it hit the water.

Verifying how honored I was. To be given both the three coins and the prey of the Hawk. I knew I was Welcome to the Warren Light Center, as part of the Native American heritage on the grounds and as well as a part of the Warren Light Center as we know it.

Little did I know what my part I was to play.


Always in Gratitude,

Hidden Beauty 2016


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