WLC Archive Group – Initial Presentation

Here is where we type our stories.

The website Ron designed is simple to work with.

  • if you’re not comfortable with all of the buttons,
  • all you have to know is how to
    • add a new post
    • type
    • and save your work.

The editors will take over from there.

If you not yet comfortable with this idea and still want to write,

  • you may type your article in an email and send it to an editor.

We can accept input from almost any popular of word processor file  including notepad.

  • Doing it this way will create a few extra steps, but
    • if you’re really strapped and want to help
      • you can always use this option to get the draft of your story firmed up enough
  • In either case, an editor can take over once you have it submitted.


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