WLC Archive Group – Initial Presentation

One of the problems with utopian societies is that,

  • if they exist at all, it is only for a short time.

By helping to preserve what we experienced at Warren Light Center,

  • we may make it possible for that light to shine into other communities

With at least six more committed people we can do it.

  • If you don’t use a computer all that well, you can still help
    • If we can learn act as a team.
  • We can talk about organization at the end of this hour..

Depending on what is available and how much time each person has to invest,
we might finish the main body of work in a year.

  • perhaps less.

The web site is a dynamic archive.

  • Once the main body of work is complete
    • There will be more
      • But it will come at a slower pace.
    • IF a few remain dedicated.


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